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Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) Select Manuals, Messages, Forms & Publications

Provides access to a wide range of Auxiliary & USCG documents / publications including Internet Releasable ALCOAST's using advanced search functions

Safety & Environmental Health Manual (SEH) - COMDTINST M5100.47B

is a compendium of policies, support functions, program standards & broad guidance that create the foundation on which the Coast Guard's SEH program is built. It provides worthwhile & useful guidance to the entire Team Coast Guard extended family members on a broad range of safety & healthy related topics that permate all aspects of their lives. It identifyies roles & responsibilities for managing SEH activities (see Table of Contents begining on Page 7).

It is strongly recommended that everyone invest the time & effort required to read / understand / review and apply the principles / guidance conrained in this manual. Remember that routine chores and activities conducted without safety in mind can easly result in bodily injury or worse.  So, speak-up when you see something that just doesn't seem right.  The time & effort invested could go a long way in preventing an accident, injury or worse!  As a simple illustration of the practical information that can be found in this Manual, see Motor Vehicle Safety in Chapter 16 starting on Page 209.

USCG Boat Readiness & Standardization Program Manual

USCG COMDTINST M16114.24B provides standardized guidance & procedures for ensuring day-to-day readiness of Coast Guard boats & crews

USCG Incident Management Handbook (IMH)

USCG Auxiliary COMDTPUB_P3120_17B (August 2014) is designed to assist USCG personnel in use of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) during multi-contingency response operations and planned events.  The IMH is a job aid or reference that provides guidance for response personnel.  It is not a policy document.

USCG Medals & Awards Manual

This Manual contains Coast Guard policy, regulations & information concerning awards available to individuals & units.  It describes the various awards & eligibility requirement for each

USCG Rescue & Survival System Manual

USCG Auxiliary COMDTINST_M10470_10G establishes operational policy, equipment standards, engineering procedures and procurement authorization for use, configuration, maintenance & logistics of rescue & survival equipment used by USCG

USCG Search & Rescue (SAR) Addendum

USCG Addendum to IAMSAR (International Aeronautical & Maritime Search & Rescue Manual), NSP (U.S. National SAR Plan) & NSS (U.S. National SAR Supplement)

Marine Safety and Environmental Protection (MSEP) Resources Available on the Web

Provides a listing of some of the information available on the Internet that pertains to MSEP.  Key areas include: Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), vessel documentation, ICS, investigation forms, drug & alcohol testing, hazardous material shipping & personnel forms as well as many other related resources.

Auxiliary Division/Flotilla Standarized Standing Rules Template

provides an approved template for all Auxiliary Divisions or Flotillas. Very few additions are required to complete the Standing Rules for a Unit. The template cannot be changed, only the blank spaces can be filled.

While the Standing Rules provide for uniformity throughout the Auxiliary, no two units are alike in all respects.  The Auxiliary understands that, and has provided each Division & Flotilla the opportunity to expand or explain their local situation through the use of an Appendix.  The Appendix is the document that is used to include specific Division or Flotilla requirements unique to their particular situation.  An example is the dues structure, which can be different based on an individual unit.  Your particular dues structure would be codified in the Appendix to your Standing Rules.

Auxiliary Flotilla Procedures Manual

will assists members in finding information & answers needed to fulfill their responsibilities & obligations embodied in member's pledge: "I solemnly and sincerely pledge myself to support the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and its purposes and abide by the governing policies, established by the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard."

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