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Marine Observation Mission (MOM)

The goal of MOM is to increase Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) & includes observation, recording & reporting findings on Ports & Waterways, Vessels, Land Based Infrastructure & Targets or Vulnerabilities of interest to Operational Commander with no active intervention.  MOM is an integral part of every maritime mission.

Clarification of Auxiliary role in Homeland Security       MOM Overview       MOM Reporting Form

Abandoned Vessel Tracking (AVT)

Coxswains & Crew should become familiar with AVT Website & make AVT an integral part of every marine mission.

Weather Reporting (WR)

Auxiliary Coxswains & Crew are requested to make the National Weather Service (NWS) weather-reporting program an integral part of every patrol.  The WR Coxswains' Handbook explains program & how to participate.

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